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Solar Power System

Solar Power SystemIn a process of choosing a solar power system there is no right or wrong. However, you need to think which system will meet you requirements in a most efficient manner. There are three main types of residential solar systems: grid inter-tiedgrid inter-tied with battery backup, and off-grid

Grid Inter-Tied Solar Power System

The greatest advantage of grid inter-tied system is balance. Grid inter-tied system connects directly to the house, as well as to electrical utility grid. If you are producing more energy than your house consumes, you can sell the excess of your energy back to utility. This practice is also known as net metering. In case, you consume more than you produce, than homeowners will receive power from utility grid. Switch is seamless and will not interfere with daily routine.  

Grid Inter-tied with Battery Backup

Grid inter-tied with battery backup has the same concept as grid inter-tied, except for additional battery. Battery stores exceeds of the power, which will be used in a less sunny days, and make up the shortfall. Furthermore, in case of sudden power failures, you will have a power backup.
Grid inter-tied with battery backup also connects to the house and utility grid. When your battery is fully charged, and production still exceeds the consumption, you can sell your energy to the utility.

off grid solar power systemOff Grid Solar Power Systems

Off grid system is an independent power system, that is not connected to any utility grids, which makes it the most popular system in suburbs, where traditional electrical power is not provided. This system usually goes with electric generators in case of power shortfall. Generator serves two purposes: it collects excess of energy and provides energy in periods of extended power use.

Our experienced and professional technicians will determine size of solar system, that will satisfy your needs. We will give you option of best placements in order to make systems as efficient as possible. Besides, we will give you all relevant information regarding maintenance, cleaning and financing. Call Solar Doctor today!