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Solar Pool Heaters

solar pool heatersHomeowners with an outside pool face an ongoing problem – how to extend a swimming season? Solar Doctor has a solution! Solar Pool heater is an alternative heating system to common ones like propane, electric or oil-fired heaters. Gas and electricity market has a tendency to a constant price increase, whereas the price of solar energy is stable.

In addition to the cost efficiency, Solar Pool Heater outperforms its competitors in other aspects. For example, natural gas heating systems turns on and off to save energy, which causes the pool to cool down in-between. Whereas Solar pool heating system will raise temperature to the desired temperature every day.

How Does It Work?

Solar Pool Heater is a versatile system that can be installed anywhere within an access to sunbeams – on the roof, on the deck, beside the pool or on the ground.

System consists of solar collector, filter, pump and control valve. Water from the pool is collected through the filter and is circulated through solar collector until it heats up and is then released back to the pool.

solar pool heaters TorontoBenefits of Solar Pool Heaters

  • Solar Panel Heater allows you to extend the swimming season up to 50%.
  • You will save money and avoid rising energy supply costs.
  • Solar Energy can heat your pool with a zero emission. Being environmentally friendly feels great!
  • Solar Pool Heater is a durable and long lasting system that requires minimum maintenance.
  • Shhhhh… Can you hear anything? Exactly – nothing! Solar Pool Heater is the quietest heater available on the market.

What Solar Doctor Offers?

Solar Doctor high-quality solar pool heaters are resistible to water, pool chemicals and unpredictable Canadian weather.
We personally design solar pool heater system according to your pool area and your personal needs.

Call Solar Doctor today to learn more about benefits and installation options of Solar Pool Heaters.