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Solar Panels Installation

Solar Panels InstallationSolar energy is a cost efficient and environmentally friendly alternative power source that drastically rose into distinction in the last decade. Ontario gets 305 sunny days on the average year creating a large demand of the Solar Panel Installation for the province population.

Installation of Solar Panel system is a great investment for homeowners, since the cost is competitive to all Ontario electrical distributors. Solar Panel prices are fixed, thus protecting homeowners from price fluctuations in the future.

What Solar Doctor Offers

Solar Doctor technicians ensure that a full site inspection of the property is done prior to the installation process. The team inspects the roof condition and ensures a proper application of material to prevent any possible malfunctions.

Solar Doctor follows manufactures’ specifications on every system that is installed to ensure safety and durability of the panels. This process guarantees the full warranty from the manufacturer.

Advantages of Solar Panel Installation

Solar Panel costs are competitive to local electrical distributors, many of which predict a full switch to solar energy in the near future. It is a onetime Solar Panels Installation Torontoinvestment that will allow homeowners to save on their power expenditures.

Installation of Solar Panel is a great way to contribute to the well-being of our planet. Solar Panel Installation will reduce air and water pollution – a major problem in big cities like Toronto.

Most solar panels offer up to 30 years of warranty, which translates into 30 years worries free power! Solar energy is renewable. Sun is the largest existing power supplier that produces close to 73,000 terawatts of solar energy every second. In other words, you will never be left without a power any time.

Three Options to Choose From 

Here at Solar Doctor, we understand that every house has different electricity consumption needs. Some need more, some need less. We offer three electric power supply options to satisfy every customer’s need:

  • MicroFIT – is a government program that has started in 2009 in order to increase renewable energy in province. MicroFIT allows homeowners and business owners to develop a small renewable generator on their property. The greatest benefit of this program is that you will get paid a guaranteed price for collecting power for the next 20 years.
  • NetMetering – is a credit system that allows solar system owners use electricity anytime, instead of when generating. Stated differently, you can send excess of produced energy back to solar system and receive a credit on your bill.
  • Off-Grid – is a system that is perfect for isolated homes and cottages, where bringing power can be very expensive or sometimes even impossible. Off-grid system will store your energy in batteries and will be distributed when needed.

If you are looking for someone to install solar panels on your roof, look no further, you have come to the right place. Solar Doctor provides a full spectrum of installation on all types of the roofs (shingles, metal, flat, corrugated metal). We offer quality service, affordable prices and responsive customer service, who will be happy to answer all your questions regarding Solar Panel Installation.

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