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Additional Services

Solar Doctor knows the meaning of quality and how to deliver it. On our account are more than 200 solar installations. Through many years of installations and services, we have established a business process with the best suppliers and manufactures in the industry.

In addition to regular installation and maintenance, Solar Doctor offers a variety of additional services that are extremely useful for solar system owners.

Site Inspection/Evaluation

site inspectionIf you are thinking about installing a Solar Panel – you are on the right track to saving money and helping the environment. Though, before installing a solar system it is a common practice to do an inspection first.

Proper solar panel installation depends on different factors. Before installing a solar panel system, our technician has to evaluate your roof condition to determine if it is in a good condition and will not require any repair services in the future. Then, the technician has to appoint the best place for a solar system installation to ensure that it receives the largest amount of sun exposure to guarantee the best performance.

Solar Doctor offers a quick and affordable site inspection where our trained technicians will be able to answer all your questions about solar system installation and maintenance.

Quality Control/Assurance

quality controlEvery solar panel that is installed by Solar Doctors is first tested in the laboratory and then again in the field, eliminating any defects in the process.
The performance of each solar cell and the whole system is evaluated after each installation by the Solar Doctor technicians.

Solar panels modules are exposed to different obstacles including harsh Canadian weather conditions and that is why we inspect each module to determine its capability to perform for many years to come.

Animal Guard Installation

Animal guard installationSolar panels are known for their environmental benefits, but animals and birds nestlings can do serious damage to the solar system.
Protecting the solar system from birds and rodents with Animal Guard installation will increase the system’s longevity. Solar Doctor will install Animal Guard around the solar panel system to ensure safety and prevent any damage.

Solar Doctor can help you if you already have an undesirable resident or want to act ahead and prevent that possibility. Quick installation of an animal guard will protect your investment for the rest of the contract and much longer.

System Take Down for Re-roofing

Solar Doctor highly recommends inspecting your roof prior to installing solar panels. However, if you are already a lucky owner of the solar system and it is time to renew you shingles, call Solar Doctor. We will take your system down, store it for the time of the re-roofing and then we will put it back on.

Need to remove your panels to re-shingle your roof? Give Solar Doctor a call.


Faulty Inverter/Panel Replacement

inverter replacementIn case you need to replace faulty inverter or panel – call Solar Doctor. We will examine your system to find a trouble spot and eliminate the problem quickly and in cost efficient matter.

There are many potential reasons for an inverter to malfunction and it requires attention of a qualified solar technician to resolve any issue. When inverter fails, the whole system shuts down, so it is essential to act quickly. Call Solar Doctor for emergencies and our technicians will be there in no time.


If you require site inspection, animal guard installation, re-roofing services or faulty inverter and panel replacement – call Solar Doctor now!